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of the forum. coming up rick perry and michele bachmann and texas cram cramm ron paul and mitt romney. stay with us. ♪ >> mike: welcome back to huckabee and our special republican presidential forum. joining us is texas governor rick perry and the first question from ken cuccinelli. >> good to see you. >> yes, sir. >> you said if elected you would issue a executive order to bloke the health care law. >> absolutely executive order and in those agencies there i a substantial amount of that bill that allowed for the agencies to put the rules in place. i am going to put people in as head of health and human services that share my philosophy that medicare, for instance needs to go back to the states and lord willing we'll get rid of that with a supreme court rulog the - ruling on the constitutionality. and thank you for being great attorney generals from that standard. >> it sounds like you are ready to use an executive order to void the law. >> absolutely. i think. >> what is your authority for that? >> suit executive order gives you that authority and also as i said earlier, having men and w
not to mess with texas. and the classiest woman in america. miss dana perino is out in sin city to perhaps do a little bull riding and maybe some gambling for bob. hey, baby! what happens in vegas isn't going to stay there this friday night. because "the five" starts right now! ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: well, we are going to talk to dana in a moment. you have to wait for that. but first, get to big advice from rush limbaugh to mitt romney. >> mitt, if you want the nomination, get together with your people, and think about trying to run to the right of newt. you and newt are both guilty of flip-flops, so mitt, why not flip to fool conservatives and see what happens? you won't have to resort to tearing down an opponent. you can tear down obama. what do you think got newt where he is, mitt? what do you think got trump where he was before he pulled out? tear down obama. >> kimberly: all right. there are fighting words perhaps. perhaps good advice. we go to the person that is the biggest man crush alive on rush limbaugh. yes, our own eric bolling. we're very proud. >> eric: what are you trying to say?
on the texas-mexico border, the need for education. he has controversial things like putting on a gasoline tax. all of these issues, his legacy really invigorates our current debate. >> for many americans outside of texas, 1992 was perhaps their introduction to ross perot. he had been on the national stage for a while. in the late 1980's, he began speaking out about these issues that he was concerned about. we looked in our video library and our first coverage of ross perot was in 1987. here he is speaking before the american bankers association that year. >> let's look at where we are and take the rose colored glasses off. all of these people saying the fundamentals are sound, i think we have had enough doctor feelgood. i think we are tough enough to take bad news. i think it is time to look at the facts. we have a $3 trillion debt by 1988. our debt is being funded by foreign nations at this point. the greatest nation in the history of man does not have the will to past -- we continue to pass resolutions that put us deeper into debt and we have given up trying to live within our means of the
riding on iowa. texas governor rick perry. welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> good morning, chris. >> chris: what did you think when mitt romney offered a $10,000 bet on something in his book? >> guest: i was taken a little aback. i am sure i didn't drive by a house that anyone in iowa would even think about that a $10,000 bet was possible. a little out of touch with the normal iowa citizen. but the issue of individual man dates is still at the center here and mit can deny this, but in his first book, hard cover of no apologies. he stated that individual man dates should be the model for this country and he took that out of the book in the paper back. even a 10,000 bet is not covering that. >> chris: one of the big moments came in the confrontation over the individual man date. you criticized him for the man date in romney care . he said you had an man date in texas to make sixth grade girls get the hpb vaccine and what is the difference? >> guest: we had an opt out in the executive order and the legislature didn't like the way i went forward and i agreed with that and it is not i
of it texas, the texas congressman, and michele bachmann, the congresswoman from minnesota, rick santorum and rick perry going after gingrich to a degree. it seemed he had pretty much an answer for almost every attack. i think a lot of people are saying that newt gingrich really did no harm to his frontrunner status in the debate. fred? >> and so paul, what about mitt romney? wanting to bet 10,000 bucks, $10,000, any backlash? >> yeah. you know, i saw you played a little bit of that sound with that he gave to rick perry. the texas governor said no, he wouldn't take the bet. it was over whether romney really in his book "no apologies" whether written about support for a mandate, individual mandate, on health care reform. people are saying that maybe the bet did backfire because $10,000, a lot of money to the average person this state or basically anywhere in the united states for a person like romney, multimillion air trying to relate to the average person, maybe betting $10,000 not the wisest thing. republicans and especially democrats are already attacks romney on that bet. we'll see if
for the caucuses. we continue our 2012 one on one series with the governor of texas. then where is the christmas spirit on capitol hill? with the tax hike hanging in the balance, what will congress do? we'll get the latest on where negotiations stand from senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. plus, top republican candidates go negative on newt gingrich. we will ask our sunday panel if the frontrunner can weather the political storm. and our power player of the week helps wounded warriors get home for christmas. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again from fox news in washington. with just over three weeks until the iowa caucuses the republican candidates for president came out swinging last night at a debate in des moines. steve brown watched the action to see who scored and who missed. steve? >> reporter: chris, there were plenty of attempts to knock down newt gingrich the frontrunner a peg or two but the efforts came up short. >> we could start with his idea to have a lunar colony that would mine minerals from the moon. i'm not in favor of spending that kind of money to d
record from texas and competitive tax plan, optional flat tax of 20%, and slash the corporate rates and i think that texas economic story, if he can tell it, is a good one. >> and michele bachmann, dorothy, she was once the star. she was a shooting star at least for a time and now back down and can't seem to get back into the front tier. >> yes, that's because of her overexposure and people as they see her more and more keep saying can this be the president of the united states and they say no. one reason is a continuous harping, i was born in iowa. there's a sense of a lack of breadth, a lack of depth, a lack of education, despite her hard comments on issues. and there is a kind of mystique, there is nothing in there that says president. >> and interesting, you know, you've got rick santorum, also, who is-- has a respectable record, two term senator in he pennsylvania. very knowledgeable ab foreign policy and focusing attention on the conservative in iowa and trying to press the values issues and hasn't gone anyone there. >> yeah, and i think, rick santorum seems strategicically disorgan
s back into texas, into south texas at this time. florida, 78, and then we are finding the bulk of any precipitation today will be in the south. some much-needed areas into trks. the system that will be impacting the west coast. early in the week, we have southern cal dealing with the rain, and looking in the mountains of the southwest, snow in those areas. and then as we head into tuesday, we have a shot of wintry weather into the central parts of the country by tuesday. look out for icing, alex. >> heads up and thanks for that. >>> the fight over the payroll tax cut extension. if it's not passed, how much money will you lose? we will speak with maxine waters next. >>> and alec baldwin's cameo with his recent headline about the airlines. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems
to god, i would suggest that's even stronger than a handshake in texas. >> gingrich appeared to be ready. >> i made mistakes, i had to go to god for forgiveness. >> an odd moment, when mitt romney, in a dispute over his massachusetts health care plan, suddenly challenge ed a big wag. >> i'm not in the betting business. >> reporter: romney caught gingrich a career politician. but gingrich hit back. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician, you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> that's probably true. if i would have been able to get in the nfl, like i hoped when i was a kid, i would have been a football star all my life too. but i -- >> reporter: rivals trailing the field fought to get attention. michele bachmann was more conservative than both front-runners put together. >> if you look at newt/romney, for obama care, for cap and trade. >> reporter: ron paul, a major factor in iowa, hit gingrich on his lucrative deal with mortgage giant freddie mac. >> in a way, you probably got some of our taxpayers money. >> never did any lobbying for the agency. i offered strategic advice
that that's even stronger than a handshake in texas. >> i have made mistake at times. i've had to go to god for forgiveness. >> reporter: the two-hour session also saw an odd moment when mitt romney in a dispute over his massachusetts health care plan suddenly challenged perry to a big wager on the facts. >> $10,000? $10,000 bet? >> i'm not into betting business. >> reporter: romney also went at it with gingrich calling the man he now trails in iowa a career politician, but gingrich hit back. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician is you lost to teddy kennedy in 1994. >> that's probably true. if i would have been able to fwet in the nfl like i hoped when i was a kid, i would have been a football star all my life too. >> reporter: rivals trailing the field fought to gain attention. michelle bachmann says she was more conservative than both front runners put together. >> if you look at newt, romney, they were for obama-care principles, if you look at newt-romney, they were for cap and trade. >> reporter: ron paul, a major factor in iowa, hit gingrich on his dealing with gian
and look at parts of texas and good news every time we're in texas now, we've got some of that. a little bit of icing and the western side of that. and in texas as well. the west coast, you're looking good and you see a chance for showers moving in across parts of florida. looking at your forecast for the day today. a chilly one in the northeast, and snow showers yesterday, ten inches of snow. and it turns out, and that will be more sunshine and there will be some scattered showers and watch out, but the cool day with some scattered showers, and another nice day into the northern plains and 40 degrees in minneapolis and we'll take it, when you add to that some sunshine and across the west, another sunny day and a little bit of snow flying across the northern rockies and this evening a chance for showers at parts of california much more coming up here all morning long. >> all right, looks very festive. thanks so much, rick. >> go back to myrtle beach when it's warm and play some golf. thankfully he didn't fly with alec baldwin out there. >> that's right, alec baldwin had an incident on am
than it was this time yesterday. let's look at what's going on in texas. it's nice to see the rain down there. it's always beneficial after the worst drought ever this past season. we're getting rain working through the dallas area. st. angelo and houston getting wet weather along the gulf coast. san antonio certainly could use the rain, as well as austin. it's definitely been incredibly dry there. this will all be beneficial. further to the north, we're monitoring fog out there. for those of you driving, maybe trying to catch some early sales or head to the airport, a lot of people are flying. we're looking at dense fog in the west, as well as light glaze of ice. visibility less than a father of a mile. we saw this yesterday. so it's not as widespread today. it's something to keep in mind in west texas because the freezing fog. that's when you have fog and it freezes, pause the temperature's so cold. overall lots of sunshine, colder temperatures in the northeast, but not that cold. looking for a high today in boston of 40. i can tell you that a lot of residents there, i used to live th
in a bar in san antonio, texas. the court's stinging them of a were drawn on the napkins. first they said, what would happen if we made an airline that can make it the three major cities. southwest airlines is the most profitable airline in his to v and started on the back of a napkin. >>henry: the three components of block block block are what? the way to communicate. >> here is what i recommend we do. we talk about the fact that awards are not helping. we want to talk less and draw more. vivid stands for a visual, from verbal, and independent thinking seriously talk and draw at the same time. so we can make any idea >>henry: i cannot draw. chef >> can you draw a circle or square question marks if you can, you can draw anything you need to. if we're not talk about drawing polite leonardo zif. >>henry: his latest book is called blah blah blah, the predecessor of is called the battle last year. these are i opening, in the literal sense. we are going to take a break, it is going to be very interesting. off 1/5 >>ysabel: early this morning, police are at the encampment outside of the federal
will yield back. >> i recognize the gentle lady from texas for five minutes. >> i mentioned earlier of our remorse and sympathy to your family. i want to thank you for not remaining silent. and the presence of mr. bledsoe acknowledges the pain he appearances as well. i think you were present in the room that those who are representing the united states military are certainly remorseful of this normality loss of life. and combined with that, i think the virtues of our constitution and the first amendment make us a great country and make us able to answer the concerns you have expressed. but i think we have a solution here. you have heard a senator, a house member, another house member, another senator from arkansas, and a member from texas who experienced and mourned with those in fort hood going in a fast pace to resolve this. and i think because our country is new, not very new, at dealing with this issue of terrorism, our statutory laws may not have, in essence grappled with the change. anyone, as your son was and the other fallen soldier in uniform, in the action of their duty, andy and
, i see you. we have somebody from pittsburg. who else? texas. yay, ok. who else? what other states are represented? oregon. where is maria? maria is from oregon, right? oh, washington state, sorry. who else? ok, good old california. san francisco, daly city, concord, danville, oakland, vallejo, san diego. oh, we have the honorable arlee from san diego. come on, thank you. who else? hercules, california, yay. you know, this evening is really the mayor's reception, the san francisco bay area mayor's reception. did you know that there are three women members of fwn and honorees of the 100 most influential filipino women are mayors in the san francisco bay area? yay. i want to call up here -- come on up here, mayor of hercules, california. she was in the summit in 2006. do you want to tell the story ? >> congratulations to the 100 most influential filipino women. i attended first in 2006. and i was a planning commissioner then and i wanted to quit politics. i hated politics. but the summit inspired me. and merilee kept saying we needed more women in visible and a mainstream positions i
, mississippi, and alabama. the coastal areas are getting some rain. parts of oklahoma and texas are getting some shower activity. it is a long way from us. the high pressure has cleaned out the atmosphere. we had a lot of sun today. temperatures are chilly and falling dramatically this evening. the highs were in the mid 40's today. we have already dropped down to 34. ocean city is down to 30 degrees. it is 30 at frederic. it is in the 20's in some areas. we will see colder temperatures overnight then this morning. it was in the low 20's this morning in some areas. this morning was the coldest of the winter season so far. tomorrow may be a few degrees colder than that. the satellite image shows clear skies. we may pick up some clouds during the day tomorrow. the high-pressure is sitting over us. there is a disturbance to the south. the low pressure disturbance is pulling the club's no.. it should stay clear overnight. something is going to develop in the plains states. that is the storm we will be watching for the next few days to see what happens towards the end of the week. until then, we
about an age-old tradition. >>> some big headlines this week from a major cancer conference in texas including a new treatment for women in the advanced stages of breast cancer, using a drug already on the market to treat kidney and pancreatic cancers. and now there's word of some promising news for women fighting one of the most aggressive forms of the disease. we get the details tonight from our chief science correspondent robert bazell. >> reporter: not only did rebekah freedman of los angeles have breast cancer but a particular form of the disease with a protein called her-2. it appears in about one in five breast cancers and can make them very aggressive. so freedman, who is now cancer free, volunteered to take part in a clinical trial to find the best way to treat her cancer. even without knowing what drugs she would get. >> it's well worth doing it because i have this little girl that i want to survive for. >> reporter: there was already a drug on the market to treat her two breast cancers, an antibody called herceptin, but at the san antonio breast cancer symposium this week,
of the payroll tax cut to the keystone pipe from canada to texas. the president has delayed a decision on construction, pending further studies. but, republicans say it will be a big boost for the economy and the construction needs to go forward. mitch mcconnell may use that pipeline as a bargaining chip. >> we have the keystone pipeline in there a shovel-ready project, the biggest and most important ready to go project in america. wouldn't cost the government a penny, not one penny. three years of environmental studies have already been done. the secretary of state was ready to sign off on it. the president pulled it to the white house and delayed it for a year. >> reporter: president obama has threatened to veto the payroll tax cut extension if the keystone pipeline is tied in. >> heather: how would this continued payroll tax cut be financed? >> reporter: that the big sticking point. republicans want to continued freeze on federal workers a pay. democrats want to rise taxes on hiring americans. for both sides appealing to voters next year is part of the political calculation. >> this
want to tie extension of the payroll tax cut to the keystone pipeline from canada to texas. the president has delayed a decision on construction, pending further studies. republicans say it will be a big boost for the economy and the construction needs to go forward. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell may use that pipeline as a bargaining chip. >> we have the keystone pipeline in there. it is a shovel-ready project the biggest and most important ready to go project in america, wouldn't cost the government a penny, not one. three years of environmental studies have already been done. the secretary of state was ready to sign off on it. the president pulled it to the white house and delayed it for a year. >> reporter: president obama has threatened to veto the payroll tax cut extension if the keystone pipeline is tied in with it. the president has a different idea how to pay for the tax cut. republicans want a continued tax cut on the payroll tax republicans want a continued freeze on federal workers' pay. democrats want to hire owe -- [ unintelligible ] for both sides,
. but here is the problem, it doesn't work. >> the president in kansas, not texas, on tuesday, making a speech that was designed to evoke the memory of teddy roosevelt who also gave a speech there. jim, did you notice anything in particular about the changing tone of the president as remarks? the wall street journal sure did. >> he said the defining kwalt of our time is income inequality. and i've got to tell you he hit a home run with editorial page and op-ed to speak of except for the wall street journal and hit a home run. >> i thought it was a poisonous partisan speech divisive specifically because he quoted teddy roosevelt, everyone stroke their chins and said how thoughtful twashit was. he didn't make a case how inequality reduced mobility from the bottom. there is none. there's no case you can make for that. >> jon: the point that the the journal made, jehmu, that the president has sort of gone negative in tone. instead of talking up the country and being the great uniter, oh, you in the middle class or lower class you're getting an unfair shake. >> i think what the president d
. there is historical data, it generally for the last five years or more, presented in tables and also in texas. and a discussion of your capital program. what are the sfmta needs, especially someone project, and the debt. the official statement is a comprehensive story of the sfmta for investors, but you will note it is focused a little bit more or a little bit heavily on the risks flood. bondholders ask the question, what could go wrong, and if that goes wrong, where would that lead us? and those are questions that we need to address as part of your offering document. the offering document also has information on the bond ratings, assisting in the financing. we will have the financial statements, some general city operations, and it will also describe the undertakings that the sfmta makes to provide ongoing disclosure to the public markets about the sfmta. so many close with the take away, which is what u.s. commissioners should be doing with the preliminary official statement in your packet. first of all, you should review the draft. you should look at it, and if you have concerns about eith
. rain in texas. there will be a storm developing out here in the plains states by the middle of the week. it will move eastward. it may take five days to get here. we do have rain in the longer- term forecast. the median forecast is so the cold air -- uc how there are the darker blues and purples readings. that is settling in now. we have a few days where it will be cold. 19 to 25 the overnight low range tonight. the sun will come up before the moon sets, 7:16. 42 and 47 tomorrow. colder than today. northwest breezes light. less than five. sunny skies. dry air. good football weather. load-40's during the game. lots of sunshine. even in western maryland, the do not have a snow chance. temperatures in the 30's in the mountains. one-foot shop on the open waters of the bay. this big area of high pressure. this one model the show some kind of a disturbance trying to develop in the southeast. it looks like the moisture with it will say to the south. this is the storm we will be watching that comes in toward the end of the week. forecast, 45 tomorrow. 47 monday. 50's by mid-week. not deeply int
to debate tonight. former senator rick santorum of pennsylvania. governor rick perry of texas. former governor mitt romney of massachusetts. former speaker of the house newt gingrich of georgia. texas congressman ron paul. and congresswoman from minnesota michele bachmann. thank you, all. [ applause ] but before we begin, just one note, because george and i have been talking, and all of us have been talking to many of you, about what it takes to run for the presidency in this country right now, and we are talking about the determination, the physical stamina, the road you travel. the miles you travel. and the sacrifices your families make, as you do it. so we thought maybe at the end of this year, the end of this road does approach, we could all just salute your commitment to the presidential race and to democracy in this country. we salute you. [ applause ] >> pretty straight forward. the candidates have agreed to them. they're going to forgo opening statements and then they will give one minute responses to the questions from diane and me. 30 seconds for rebuttal to those. we want t
showed off his superman socks as he accepted the trophy. very cool. >> big move for baylor. go texas. >>> now to the super bowl of weather, here is ginger zee. >> thank you. i was going say, i saw your spiderman socks in the office there. i don't have any of those, but i have a radar to show that will make folks in texas, very happy. the drought not really dented from yesterday's rain but you get more of it this morning. heaviest rain in eastern florida and western georgia. let's fly across the nation, rain beginning in southern california. before winter storm watches starts tomorrow. monday is going to be a snowy day in the mountain southwest. tampa, wet and windy through the southwest. some of the coldest air of the season sticking around in the northeast. chicago, slightly warmer, almost to 40. that's the big picture. >> it's not even that nice in hawaii. flash flood watch for hawaii. this weather has been brought to you by chase. >> we're not missing out on much sun. >> all right, coming up here on "good morning america" -- >> battle of the gma all-stars. our consumer experts go
thunderbirds. some of you might recall texas blues band with a hit record all tough enough. remember that? and so i worked with the tea birds for about a year and a half and that's how long it took me to get through the correspondence course. i would do the homework in the back of the bus or in the dressing rooms are afraid to chance to do so. when i finished it, i began to have a bit of confidence numbers and in land use and issues. and we have discussed a number of things to do within the land. again, it was a diversified farm. that road crops, cattle and some timberlands. but i kind of realized looking into other options like pecan trees coming ushers.com but all of those things require light of day to day work on my part. and we couldn't really afford to hire a manager who wanted to do this ourselves anyway. but the more i read and learned and studied him for a street, became fascinated with that. for one thing, it did fit my situation. i could pursue my career as a musician. it didn't require so much day-to-day work and it's a very long-term view of the use of the land and i kind of
're finding on our radar pictures check this out texas which has been suffering for exceptional drought of summer and much of the fall months is getting at least a little rain down some of the southern sections, like the modern rainshowers mostly but there may be a brief heavy downpour in that area, this is from our computer model but winston we think the clubs will have thickened up enough to produce some very oppressive rains across the area but this is no forecast and it will come up short with the chicago be on the warm side of the approaching system and we're looking at numbers what to our west and northwest you could see the ground white just a bit. do. temperatures across the area, these are some pre load two points but the southwest winds and a few clouds, temperatures again not expected to drop as much tonight here is our forecast for this evening. sky's mostly clear we do have clouds appear at the moment that they will move out very quickly low temperature by morning about where we are now 24-27 degrees and then for tomorrow morning sunshine and if you like clouds, wind will b
conversations] >> the texas rangers. >> terrorism, right? terrorism is what kept him awake after that bad news that he got while he was reading to those kindergarteners if you ever saw that michael moore movie. it was quite a scene. anyway, but here's the point then, is are we really focused, not just saying we're focused about jobs, but are we focused about creating jobs now in the kind of economy that we're in, in a global economy where countries like china we won't embrace an awful lot of what china is, but what we can embrace is really an aggressive desire to generate economic activity that leads to the bottom line. so consider the contrast when we bring nissan to tennessee, or you bring honda somewhere. you're happy to have the plants, you probably give them the land. somebody like jennifer has said, you know, we can give you this incentive and that incentive and come here, don't go next door to alabama or tennessee, come to us. and the deal is struck. well, when gm goes to china and says, you know, we want to work with you, have a little joint vebture, build some cars, sell some cars jus
accepted the trophy. very cool. >> big move for baylor. go, texas. >> now to the super woman of weather, here's ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> thank you. i was just going to say, i saw your spider-man socks in the office there. i don't have any of those, but i do have a radar to show you that makes folks in texas very happy. the drought not really dented from yesterday's rain but you get a little bit more this morning west of dallas. heaviest rain in eastern florida and western georgia. let's fly across the nation, and give you an idea of what's happening. rain beginning in southern california before the winter storm watches happen for tomorrow, so monday is going to be a snowy day in the mountain southwest. waco showing 50 there in the rain pocket. tampa, as well, wet and windy through the southeast. cold. some of the coldest air of the season sticking around in the northeast. chicago, >> and it's not even that nice in hawaii. wanted to make a hawaiian note. flash flood watches for all islands. don't get to mention them that often. this weather has been brought to you by chase. now back t
will be nice, but we have wet weather for those of you traveling. looking at that in texas and the wet weather there is actually beneficial because it's been so dry of course in cities like san antonio and austin. be careful if you're traveling because we have a light glaze of ice, visibility less than a quarter of a mile in west texas. we saw that yesterday with the freezing fog. overall this weekend has been really nice for weather for early december. >> i believe you how warm it was. bonnie schneider, thank you. >>> 22 minutes past the hour now. coming up, a lot of people are going to be spending holidays with your family. it can be stressful sometimes. especially with the in-laws. we have some tips on how to deal with the possible dlash clash o cultures, maybe even a clash of religion. that's on "faces of faith." >>> we have the right to speak our mind in this country. that's a tough lesson for an american living in thailand serving a 2 1/2-year sentence for criticizing the country's royal family. that's in our morning passport with nadia bilchik. that's on the way. stay here. >>> good mor
el parque nacional de texas. hasta allÍ llegaron los residentes del pueblo y presentarn su identificaciÓn ante el scanner que serÁ revisado por los agentes a cien millas de distancia. a tal punto ha llegado el nÚmero de muertes violentas de mexicanos, varios congresistas tomaron cartas en el asunto. enviaron una peticiÓn de la secretaria hillary clinton. en quÉ consiste esa peticiÓn? >> la a masacre de 72 migrantes en 2010 puso de relieve la crisis humanitaria de los migrantes que atraviesan mÉxico rumbo a estados unidos. vÍctimas de criminales que en algunos casos actÚan con la complcidad de las autoridades. eso alega el congresista que con otros 31 representantes demÓcratas de la cÁmara escrihubieron a la secretaria hillary clinton, para que incluya la seguridad de los migrantes en la agenda bilateral. >> quÉ asistencia le vamos a dar a mÉxico en su lucha que ese necesaria contra el elemento criminal, los carteles. que parte de ese trato, tambiÉn sea el tratamiento humanitario y la atenciÓn a los migrantes. >> el portavoz dijo que aÚn no habÍa visto la ca
america, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. this was the gulf's best tourism season in years. all because so many people wanted to visit us... in louisiana. they came to see us in florida... nice try, they came to hang out with us in alabama... once folks heard mississippi had the welcome sign out, they couldn't wait to get here. this year was great but next year's gonna be even better. and anyone who knows the gulf knows that winter is primetime fun time. the sun's out and the water's beautiful. you can go deep sea fishing for amberjack, grouper and mackerel. our golf courses are open. our bed and breakfast have special rates. and migrating waterfowl from all over make this a bird watcher's paradise. so if you missed it earlier this year, come on down. if you've already been here come on back... to mississippi... florida.
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